Day one
  • Aims and purposes of trusts
  • What type of trust?
  • Traps and pitfalls
  • Powers and duties of trustees
  • The rules against perpetuities and excessive accumulations
  • Administrative provisions post Trustee Act 2000; what needs to be included or excluded 
  • Trustees duty of care; exoneration clauses
  • Administering the trust effectively; trustee meetings, accounts
  • Key events; appointment and retirement of trustees, appointment and advancement of trust funds, variation of trusts
  • Breach of trust
  • Trustee liability and overview of litigation
  • Termination of the trust; death of beneficiary, achieving contingencies, by exercise of trustee powers, apportionment, tax issues
  • Checklist prior to completion/closure of trust
  • Case studies covering different situations and different types of trust – what trust should be used in which circumstances? What is the impact of distributions?
Day two

Income Tax and CGT
The calculation of tax payable on trust income and the burden of this tax on trustees and beneficiaries is often difficult to understand and even more difficult to explain. This part of the course will cover:
  • The respective liabilities of trustees and beneficiaries with a particular focus on Life Interest versus Discretionary Trusts
  • The treatment of dividend income
  • Issues arising on company distributions
  • Life assurance gains and income tax
  • The special problems arising from settler interested trusts
  • Impact of CGT on trustees and beneficiaries
  • Actual and deemed gains
  • The availability of holdover, entrepreneurs and principal private residence relief
  • The ways in which liability can be minimised or avoided
Inheritance Tax (IHT)
The provisions of Finance Act 2006 made major changes to the IHT treatment of trusts. This part of the course examines the rules for both interest in possession trusts and those trusts which are subject to the Discretionary Trust (relevant property) regime, whether created in lifetime or by will, and then goes on to consider how IHT is calculated for all types of trust. The course covers:
  • Returns
  • Charging provisions interest in possession trusts and other privileged trusts
  • Relevant property trusts charging provisions
  • Entry charges
  • 10 year (periodic) charges
  • Exit charges
  • Examples of calculations
  • Issues around life policy trusts, pilot trusts and discounted gift trusts
  • Planning Issues and use of reliefs
Trusts and Financial Planning
  • Types of trust and uses
  • Trusts for testator’s family and children
  • Accumulations of income 
A very difficult course made easier to understand.

Lecturers were outstanding. Very clear and informative. Good notes to go along side the lectures. Food on 25/06/2019 not very good, much better on 26/06/2019.

Two excellent Presenters sharing their respective experience on a seemingly challenging and unexciting subjects. They both brought Trusts to life in their own unique mannor. The course was delivered at the correct level and relavent examplesused to augment learning.

Ian Bond - very knowledgeable and clearly very technical but delivered pretty dry material in interesting and informative way - excellent. 

Very good - would recommend. 

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