David Brock

David Brock

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Very useful overview of planning law. 

The speaker was excellent, knowledgable and approachable.

This has been an exellent presentation by David Brock.

Excellent (and fun). Very detailed.

Excellent delivery of a difficult topic area.

Excellent course.

This was an excellent course, covering a huge range of material in a succinct, engaging and digestible way.

I enjoyed hearing about case related examples, the more the better.

An excellent well delivered course by an enthusiastic knowledgeable tutor. Helped greatly to develop my understanding of the subject.

Very informative, helpful and enjoyable. David was good in making what is often a dry subject into an interesting one. Thank you.

Very good course.

Excellent course. Very knowledgeable and experienced speaker. Thorough & comprehensive.

I would certinly recommend the course.

It has been an excellent course and useful. Will definately apply the knowledge I have gained

The course was excellent - a hard job to summerise the basics of planning in 2 dyas but David does a remarkable job!

David Brock knew his stuff. Made it interesting. Good practical examples

I came away with a lot of valuable information and I will be recommending the course to those in my team.

Bang up to date and comprehensive.

Well presented, the right level and well structured.

A thoroughly absorbing two days. It is rare to find a presentation of legal concepts which is informative and entertaining in equal measure

An extremely worthwhile and comprehensive two-day course. David Brock has a complete control of his subject matter and presents the material in a wonderfully engaging manner. I would recommend the course to anyone whose practice requires knowledge of planning law.

Very useful course for non-lawyers as well, especially if you have dealings with planning and building projects

A perfect introduction to planning law addressing a range of issues that one must consider. The speaker was very knowledgeable and engaging

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