The course will focus on topical issues in the intellectual property field, and will explain the law by reference to leading cases. It covers:

Introduction: Where IP rights are encountered * Overview of the IP system * IP professionals and services * Sources of IP law * Development of IP law * How will Brexit affect IP law?

What does intellectual property law protect? Inventions * Confidential information and trade secrets * Creative works * Databases * Designs * Trade marks

Obtaining protection: Automatic protection for copyright, databases and designs * Business goodwill and unregistered trade marks * Registering trade marks and designs * Obtaining patents for inventions * The impact of Brexit * International arrangements

Enforcing IP rights: The courts and other tribunals * Breach of confidence * Passing-off actions * Statutory infringements * Defences * IP litigation

Ownership of IP rights: Statutory rules governing ownership of copyright, designs and patents * Treatment of employees * Compensation for employee inventions * Duration of IP rights

Dealings in IP: Using IP * Transferring rights * IP in corporate transactions * Licensing rights to others: technology transfer, software licences, open source, Creative Commons and ‘copyleft’ licensing * Competition law and IP * Patent trolls * IP in insolvencies * Taxation of intellectual property

Excellent course. Very engaging and knowledgeable speaker.

Very enjoyable course. Very good introduction to the topic.

Covers a lot of information. Good to get a basic understanding of IP.

Great course and very knowledgeable lecturer!

Very informative and thorough.

The lecturer was very knowledgeable and he covered all the important aspects of IP law. 

Gives a great deal of information on IP Law and adds as a great refresher if you have some prior legal knowledge. 

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