The course covers (subject to change, as new topics emerge):

Copyright: Hargreaves and aftermath * Section 52 * Extended collective licensing etc * New permitted acts: education, data mining, libraries and archives * Orphan works (including directive) * Commission’s consultation * Originality, Meltwater and Infopaq * Artistic works – Lucasfilm v Ainsworth * Red bus case

Design rights: Protecting designs: registered and unregistered protection, UK and EU * Advantages and limitations of registration * Section 52 * Criminal offences * Originality test for UDR * Ownership of UDR and qualification for protection

Trade marks and passing off: Advantages and limitations of registration * National or EU? * Reform of Community trade mark system * Initial interest confusion * Adwords * IP Translator case * Character merchandising * Unfair competition

Confidential information: Trade secrets directive * Privacy * Vestergaard v Frantsen

Database rights: Database right in outline * Relationship with copyright * Subsistence (what sort of substantial investment?) * Infringement

Patents: Licensing and Assignment * Law relating to licensing and assignment * Technology transfer block exemption * Software patents * Trolls and non-practising entities * EU developments: community patents and litigation

Other issues: Taxation issues arising from IP * IP and insolvency

Peter Groves

Peter Groves

Details and courses

Excellent course. Very engaging and knowledgeable speaker.

Very enjoyable course. Very good introduction to the topic.

Covers a lot of information. Good to get a basic understanding of IP.

Great course and very knowledgeable lecturer!

Very informative and thorough.

The lecturer was very knowledgeable and he covered all the important aspects of IP law. 

Gives a great deal of information on IP Law and adds as a great refresher if you have some prior legal knowledge. 

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