Day One - Children
Private Law - Resolving disputes between parents
  • Parental responsibility
  • Child arrangements orders and the Child Arrangements Programme
  • Change of Surname and other disputes
  • Procedure, gatekeeping and allocation and hearings
  • Funding issues
Public Law - Children and local authorities
  • Emergency protection and EPOs and ICOs
  • Applications for assessment
  • Pre-proceedings work
  • Care and supervision orders
  • Court procedure and hearings
  • Children and Families Act and the PLO
  • The 26 week time limit and exceptions
  • Use of experts
  • Injunctions in cases involving children 
  • Use of non-molestation and occupation orders  
Day Two - Divorce and Finance
  • The process and procedure 
Financial Issues on Divorce 
  • Process and procedure through the Court
  • The role of mediation, dispute resolution options
  • Financial orders/agreements including separation agreements
  • Section 25 MCA factors and the discretion of the court
  • Income (maintenance and capitalisation); capital and pension 
  • Costs 
Unmarried Couples 
  • Cohabitation - Living together agreements and property rights
  • Schedule 1 Children Act claims
Great speaker making the course relevant and not just reading verbatim. Huge help and one of the best courses i have been on. 

Mena and Graham's fountain of knowledge was invaluable to the course. Reference to scenarios and common/unique cases supported implementing theory into practice. I enjoyed Graham's light hearted humor - very experience facilitators. 

Great trainers - really enjoyed. 

Excellent introduction to family law. Very experienced trainers and great venue. 

I love your courses. I've already dragged my colleague to this one and soon I'll bring the whole office! Keep up the good work.

A thorough and detailed review of family law practice and procedure. Very useful.

A very useful and informative course for those at any level wishing to brush up on their family law knowledge.

An excellent course, covering a huge amount and particularly useful at highlightng key areas to look out for.

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