Key learning outcomes

  • Understand the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954 as it applies today
  • Effective enforcement of leasehold covenants pre and post 1996
  • Identify and effectively approach commercial property disputes

This course will give you a firm grounding in the core areas for commercial property litigators, starting with the 1954 Act and covering common areas of dispute, including:

  • The basic concepts of the 1954 Act: the definition of a 'business lease'; and who is the 'competent landlord'
  • Procedure, and renewal terms
  • Tactics and requirements for opposing lease renewal
  • Service charges: common causes of dispute, the Code and section 20 consultation in mixed use developments
  • Enforcing leasehold covenants: the pre-1996 and post-1995 regimes
  • Break options: drafting and serving notices, payment of rent and interest, and conditional clauses
  • Interpreting repairing covenants, and conducting and settling dilapidations claims
  • Obtaining landlords’ consents: the formalities and pitfalls
  • Trespassers: the efficient conduct of court procedures, and adding value with practical measures for eviction, and preventing recurrent occupations
  • Avoiding inadvertent waiver of the right to forfeit; and a guide through the variety of relief jurisdictions
Mark Shelton

Mark Shelton

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Tue 28 Apr 2020 - 9:30AM London £1020
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