This two-day course is aimed at solicitors with little or no experience of drafting commercial contracts. It will be of particular interest to those who are working in-house and will also be a useful refresher to those returning from a career break.
Day 1: How to draft a contract
  • The parties, the price and the content of the goods or services, scope and duration
  • Delivery and quality, obligations of means eg. endeavours
  • Setting up different types of agreements
  • Using a frame agreement
  • Service levels
  • Warranties, indemnities guarantees
  • Risk management: liquidated damages, and exclusion clauses
  • IPR, licences, background and foreground
  • Termination and liability and waiver
  • Boiler plate: severability, third parties, amendment, confidentiality, notices, force majeure, entire agreement and jurisdiction
  • Agreements with the consumer and other agreements which require care including restrictions of competition
Day 2: Case studies
  • Services contracts under a frame agreement
  • Goods contracts and sub-contracts
How to negotiate 
  • Understanding the leverage
  • Styles and tactics
  • Track change issues
  • Authority and capacity
I would highly recommend it to my peers. 

Very good course - informative and fun. 

It was a great course, I would like to thank Ms. Helen for her experience and info. 

Helen is very good at maintaining interest levels throughout - good mix of detailed course content and interaction to ensure a good level of comprehension.

Excellent delivery. Thoroughly engaging for the whole group. Thank you!

Really, really enjoyable; very informative and a fantastic trainer. Helen is very approachable, engaging and knowledgeable. 

Helen is a fantastic tutor.  An expert in the subject matter and was very enthusiastic.  She produced great notes.

Helen was extremely helpful, informative and knowledgeable and her teaching was very clear and insightful.

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