• Preliminary matters
    • Information required from and to be given to the client
    • Costs considerations
    • Is the claim/defence worth pursuing?
    • Limitation
  • Can the case be settled
    • Pre-action protocols
    • Negotiations and tactics
    • Without prejudice, without prejudice save as to costs and open communications
    • Part 36
  • Preparing for litigation
    • Pre-action disclosure
    • Obtaining information from third parties
    • Preserving evidence
    • Pre-action interim remedies
  • Starting proceedings
    • Drafting statements of case
    • Technical requirements and structure
    • Are they full enough? Requests for further information
    • Issuing the claim and service rules
  • Case management
    • Allocation and directions
    • The court's powers to strike out and impose sanctions
    • Dealing with vexatious applications
  • Early judgment
    • Summary judgment
    • When does it interact with strike out?
    • Default judgment
  • Witness statements
    • Preparing witness statements
    • The use of witness statements at interim hearings and at trial
    • The use of witness summaries
    • Hearsay evidence
  • Experts
    • Single joint and separately instructed experts - the practical implications
    • Instructing the expert
    • Without prejudice meetings
    • What is the other side entitled to see?
  • Disclosure
    • What needs to be disclosed?
    • Available objections
    • Privilege claims
  • Preparing for trial and procedure
    • The pre-trial checklist
    • The court's powers to control evidence
    • Trial bundles
    • Getting the case to court
Andrew McLoughlin

Andrew McLoughlin

Details and courses

Particularly felt that the speaker tailored the course to those in the room

Andrew McLoughlin was very enthusiastic and had loads of practical advice

Excellently presented. Andrew is most helpful with any queries and tailors to particular areas of individual circumstances. Very entertaining

I thoroughly recommend this course for anyone wishing to learn basics of civil litigation procedures

Francis was very engaging and informative. Learning from him was effortless for this reason

Particularly good if you have experience in litigation and just want a refresher/overview

Enjoyed the training, thank you Tim

Tim Atkin keeps your attention and explains some difficult concepts in a clear manner

Excellent speaker, really engaging and created a fun and safe atmosphere to learn in!

Andrew is very good at explaining and interesting in the way he engages. I like the practical tips he gave - thank you.

I gained an in-depth insight into the civil litigation procedure. The information was delivered at high quality with much enthusiasm. It has helped me refresh my litigation knowledge in order to meet some of my personal development targets as a Litigation Claims Assistant.

Excellent course content and detail. Thoroughly enjoyed both days, which have broadened my knowledge extensively.

Andrew is a brilliant speaker bringing good, practical case studies.

Andrew was excellent; very thorough and engaging

Andrew McLoughlin - An extremely erudite and knowledgeable gentleman with a sharp sense of humour. An absolute joy to learn from. Truly outstanding.

Extremely useful course with lots of helpful and practical tips. Well worth it.

The course is far beyond expectations. It is a must attend for any serious litigator for refreshing knowledge.

Very enjoyable course. Covered everything I wanted.

Excellent course.

Andrew McLoughlin was excellent. He kept the class alert and made the course interesting. He really made civil litigation come alive.

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