Key learning outcomes

  • Understand the causes of boundary disputes
  • Identify appropriate, admissible evidential sources of boundary information
  • Understand how to approach the challenges and the available remedies

This course explains the types of boundary dispute that arise in different circumstances, and will enable you to identify the key factors in determining the position of a boundary. Topics include:

  • Neighbour disputes, commercial disputes, and ransom strips
  • Sources of boundary information and their limitations, including HM Land Registry, Ordnance Survey, pre-registration deeds, aerial photos, and surveys
  • Admissibility of extrinsic evidence
  • Types of dispute: things such as trees, roots, drains, and structures going onto adjoining land; and issues such as noise, smell, and lack of light interfering with adjoining land
  • Breach of legal rights such as covenants, excessive user of easements, lack of permission, and breach of regulatory controls
  • Remedies including:
    • Tort: nuisance, trespass, and negligence
    • Contractual: enforcement of covenants and restrictions, Lands Tribunal powers
    • Statutory powers: statutory undertakers’ powers, local authority powers, and statutory remedies under, e.g. Anti-social Behaviour Act2003, Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992, Party Wall Acts, and Land Registry’s powers
    • Injunctions or damages only
Hannah Mackinlay

Hannah Mackinlay

Details and courses

Very informative and well worth attending. 

Interesting and practical take as a 'precise' legal topic.

V. good speaker

Very good lecturer - Very knowledgeable in all areas covered. To the point and knew the answers to all queries.

The knowledge of Hannah was excellent. I really enjoyed the course and have taken a lot from today.

Excellent course. Interesting throughout the whole day. Resource book provided will be very helpful to me.

Hannah was brilliant. She makes the topic (which could be quite dry!) very interesting, which makes it easier to learn and absorb the information.

Would recommend to colleagues to attend, particularly the conveyancers in the company. Very informative, concise and helpful.

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