This course is ideal for solicitors, paralegals and trainees practising care law, wanting to improve their practice and for those new to care work and wishing to act for parents. 
  • How to deal with the pre-proceedings stage 
  • The case conference 
  • Emergency Protection Orders and other urgent remedies 
  • Part VI Family Law Act in Care Cases 
  • The care application, the 'threshold criteria' and standards of proof 
  • The process, documents, timetabling and hearings 
  • Comprehensive assessment, risk assessment and residential assessment 
  • How to use experts under the new rules 
  • The final hearing; care order, supervision order or neither 
  • Contact with children in care 
  • Adoption and placement for adoption 
  • How to work within the context of funding constraints 
Really enthusiastic.

Really good speaker - friendly and informal. Good notes provided.

Very good and very practical with how it would work in reality.

Graham Pegg is an excellent course presenter and very knowledgable and personable.

Speaker was great, Graham is super helpful.

very informative speaker

Fantastic practical working examples - really impressive course.

Graham Pegg is excellent at delivering the training. Keeping it relevant and interesting.

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