• Understand developers’ concerns
  • Identify and recognise factors that could affect development value
  • Ensure that problems are dealt with before completion
  • Dealing with existing restrictive covenants, easements, and other third-party rights
  • Boundary issues
  • Ransom strips and sites not directly abutting the public highway
  • Conditional contracts and options, especially planning issues
  • Overage
  • Section 106 and Community Infrastructure Levy issues
  • Stopping up and diverting highways and footpaths
  • Site surveys and contamination
  • Issues with common land and town and village greens
Peta Dollar

Peta Dollar

Details and courses

Sarah Thompson-Copsey

Sarah Thompson-Copsey

Details and courses

Very informative on not only acting for developers but key aspects of land law. 

Really useful land law topics - whilst it is primarily from developers P.O.V it is still a fantastic refresher for general land law and case law if property is your area of practice. 

Great double act!

The course was very well broken down. The presenters kept the material interseting and the case law references were very good, making the notes relevant.

Good course on development. Engaging speakers. Lots of cases and examples given.

A very engaging and helpful course. Good speakers.

Great course content and brilliantly presented by Sarah and Peta.

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