Topics covered include: 

  • General principles of abuse of process
  • Medical issues
  • The general principles and heads of abuse
  • Withholding disclosure/inadequate disclosure and its impact 
  • Loss/destruction or concealment of evidence
  • Failure to properly investigate the case
  • Adverse pre-trial publicity and the impact of social media 
  • Continuing adverse coverage throughout the proceedings
  • Double jeopardy
  • How to recognise abuse in criminal cases
  • Exclusion of evidence in court
  • Abuse and the European Convention
  • The law and principles surrounding retrials 
  • The role of the Attorney General 
The virtual classroom worked well and it was possible to have an interactive experience in spite of lack of presence. The course content was excellent and covered all the key areas. Excellent course materials supplied. It was a really good refresher.

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