1. When is information personal data and subject to the Act?
  2. How to recognise a controller or processor
  3. What must be collected in an Information Asset Register?
  4. What is the legal basis of the processing?
  5. What appears in a Notice that satisfies the right to be informed?
  6. How to disclose personal data to third parties including the police
  7. When can confidential personal data be shared without consent of the data subject?
  8. Outsourcing: supervision of the contractor by a controller
  9. Transfers outside the European Union (including Brexit implications)
  10. Marketing by email and phone
  11. Security obligations place on the Controller
  12. Keeping records of compliance – the Accountability Principle
Chris Pounder

Chris Pounder

Details and courses

Chris Pounder tackled a very detailed subject in an interesting and informative way - including an element of humor. Excellent!

Very knowledgeable speaker

A very interesting and useful presentation

Instructor is well informed and knows his subject matter. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

An interesting and thought-provoking course. The speaker provided a practical insight to the technical workings of data protection legisation.

Very well delivered - I'm leaving the course feeling that I understand the issues around DP far more than I did when I arrived.

Dr Pounder really knows his stuff and I'd recommend this course to any Data Controllers and Lawyers interested in this area.

A very knowledgeable speaker. An interesting discourse interspersed with practical examples and humour.

I can't praise the presenter enough. Clearly an expert and kept the subject light with real life examples and related content to the needs of the audience.

Chris is clearly extremely knowledgeable and he tailored the course. This was hugely beneficial.

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