• Appreciate the most common tricky problems arising in commercial property 
  • Pre-empt problems effectively 
  • Effective compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements 

This course covers 10 of the trickiest problems that arise during commercial property transactions, and how to approach them effectively: 

  1. SDLT and leases. Most SDLT lease returns are completed wrongly. Furthermore, clients are often not told about the need to file further returns. Learn how to get it right first time. 
  2. Dealing with CPSE enquiries. Commercial Property Standard Enquiries (CPSE) are often as important as the legal title itself, but are often poorly dealt with. What should you be looking out for? 
  3. Break notices. The Supreme Court ruling in Marks and Spencer v BNP Paribas (2015) shows how contentious the operation of break clauses can be: learn tips and understand the traps for operating a break clause. 
  4. Capital allowances. What you should be telling your client about capital allowance; and what you need to watch out for. 
  5. Landlord’s consent to dealings. Problems can arise involving Authorised Guarantee Agreements (AGA). Review the position following the Tindall Cobham v Adda Hotels ruling, and the rules which now apply. 
  6. Energy performance. The importance of issues relating to Energy Performance Certificates, Carbon Reduction Commitment and solar panels: what you should be looking out for. 
  7. Rights to light. Rights to light can be as problematic as planning permission for a developer, but difficult to define. Review the principles of rights to light, and the Law Commission proposals. 
  8. Statutory fire and asbestos duties. These duties are often overlooked, but a breach can result in criminal liabilities. Examine the current regimes for these essential safety issues. 
  9. Title indemnity insurance. Few solicitors comply with the requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), or explain the limits of insurance to clients. Understand your duty to the FCA, and what you should tell your clients. 
  10. Planning. Hot topics that can prove tricky include office to residential, change of use classes, and the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). 
Hannah Mackinlay

Hannah Mackinlay

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Hannah Mackinlay is an excellent speaker, sharing hands on experience with recent case law/legislation. Very practical tips and advice 

Hannah is engaging and informative. Knows her area.

The course was well put together and use of slides etc. helped to hold attention. Would not hesitate to attend another lecture given by Hannah.

Excellent delivery, highly recommended.

The course was very informative and interesting. Hannah always delivers the information in a very clear and helpful way.

I enjoyed the course, the speaker was really good and so was the content.

Many practical examples. Excellent content. Hannah was very knowledgeable on all the examples and contents during the course.

Easily the best presenter of a course I have had. Clear, knowledgeable and interesting.

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