No Veganuary blues for Jordi

Thursday 9th January 2020

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In an interesting recent employment tribunal decision, Jordi Casamitjana’s ethical veganism was held to be a philosophical belief protected by discrimination law. Whilst whether or not the dismissal from his place of work was unfair is yet to be decided, this first decision could prove to be an important one for employers.

2019 was said to be ‘the year of the vegan’. There is no doubt that veganism took a step closer to the mainstream and looks set to continue marching on in 2020. From the much publicised vegan sausage roll in Greggs, to the popping up of Veganuary posts on social media, more people are now aware of what veganism entails and numbers of people converting to veganism are growing.

This of course means that the numbers of vegan workers will be rising. Whilst not all these will be ethical vegans (some may convert for health reasons or climate change concerns for example), it would be prudent for employers to be mindful of this and consider whether or not their workplace adequately protects and caters for their vegan employees.

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