Charity begins… in wills

Tuesday 17th September 2019

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Recent reports from the Co-op state that money left to charities via wills is increasing, and research suggests that smaller charities are the ones benefiting from this rise. This is good news for those charities, however, for a legal adviser, these legacies do require some specific drafting considerations which can easily trip up the inexperienced.

Here are our top drafting tips:

  • Check the organisation is actually a charity!
  • Find out and include information such as the charity’s registered charity number and address so that the charity can be accurately identified
  • Discuss whether the gift is for a specific project and the pros and cons of this
  • Raise whether the gift is to be for a local branch of a national charity and the implications of this
  • Discuss whether a share of residue, specific or cash legacy is the best option
  • Consider whether other options such as discretionary legacies should be used instead

Explore these points in greater detail in our will drafting courses Will Drafting Masterclass and Certificate in Will Drafting

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