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Leading in a crisis: Managing a law firm through Covid-19 – Part 2

Part 2: Shaping up for the future Guest post from Peter Scott  In our last article, we examined the steps you can take to support financial survival through the Coronavirus crisis, but if you are to thrive as a business through the lockdown and economic fallout, your responsibilities as a leader g…

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Leading in a crisis: Managing a law firm through COVID-19 - Part 1

Part 1: Managing cash for survival Guest post from Peter Scott  It’s hard to believe the change that we have seen in the past few weeks as the full force of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the UK with scarcely a business unaffected. The key challenge for managing partners, after ensuring the safety…

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Client Due Diligence: Dealing with clients and law firms remotely

Guest post by Matthew Moore of InfoLegal  Many firms have asked what they should do about undertaking client due diligence (CDD) while their offices are closed or the client is self-isolating in accordance with Government guidelines. The firm’s policy is likely to require sight of the original docu…

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Succession planning for agricultural tenants

The Tenant Farming Commissioner recently released guidance on the available options for dealing with the succession of agricultural tenancies. This guidance should not be overlooked by tenant farmers, particularly when the farm business includes a family home. Agricultural tenants should be advised…

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Government clampdown on whiplash fraud challenges access to justice

Government reforms of the Civil Liability Act are due to come into force in April 2020, which will increase the Small Claims Court threshold from £1,000 to £5,000 for road traffic accident claims (including whiplash) and from £1,000 to £2,000 for other personal injury matters. In practice, these mea…

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Alternative ways of having children

A surrogacy storyline featured recently in The Archers shows just how far mainstream society has come in acknowledging the alternative ways people can have children. It wasn’t that long ago that gay and single people in the UK were unable to adopt, but now a record number of gay people are adopters.…

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