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Course Signed, Sealed & Delivered: The Ultimate Toolkit for Incorporation


This course uses the latest cases and statutory developments to review how to incorporate your terms and conditions and form a contract. It contains a complete review of deeds and the case law challenging their validity. It also focuses on contracts under hand and upon standard terms and conditions and alternatives such as quantum meruit. It is useful for litigators and for non-contentious practitioners who are seeking to improve enforceability.

The course covers:

  • Three key mechanisms to incorporate your terms
  • Web based platforms
  • New rules concerning electronic signatures
  • Battle of forms
  • When to use a deed
  • The required formalities of a deed
  • Contracts that can be avoided for execution failures
  • Witnesses – what are the rules?
  • Acceptance of the offer or delivery and completion?
  • Performance-based contracts
  • Implied contracts
  • Quantum meruit as an alternative to recover a price
  • Letters of intent and MOUs
  • Check lists

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