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Course Residential Mortgages: Tricky Issues in Law and Practice


As a residential property practitioner, you will be dealing with mortgages probably on a daily basis. However, you will appreciate that mortgages can raise significant practical problems that you will have to resolve, even though mortgages are often considered routine in conveyancing practice.

The reality is that the law and practice relating to mortgages are complex and intricate. Issues can arise around undertakings, discharge of mortgages, UK Finance/Building Societies Association requirements, buy to let loans, Solicitors Regulation Authority guidelines, lenders’ panels, land registration, general duties of care, and so on.

Whether you are a solicitor or other practitioner dealing with residential property and mortgages, a key skill is knowing how to approach mortgage problems in practice. Our well known and sought after property expert, David Keighley, will give you the tools to identify and understand complex or risky issues in relation to residential mortgages.

You will also benefit from practical guidance to minimise the risks presented by mortgages. This is particularly vital given you will typically be acting for both the lender and the buyer.

Key learning outcomes

  • Understand the meaning and implications of key mortgage terms
  • Recognise tricky areas to watch out for, and how to approach them
  • Appreciate your responsibilities to the regulator, and to your clients and lenders

What does this course cover?

This course covers the fundamentals of residential mortgages and the problem areas that you are likely to come across, including:

  • Key mortgage terms
  • Lenders' panels and panel managers
  • Buy to let loans: when you should act for buyer and lender
  • Mortgage related undertakings
  • UK Finance/BSA issues
  • Safeguarding against fraud
  • File storage

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