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Course Residential Lettings: Law, Practice and Avoiding the Pitfalls


The residential lettings industry has grown to be an important contributor the UK economy. There are however many pitfalls, and agents and landlords will often need legal advice when serious problems occur. With no requirement for professional qualifications for letting agents, some are simply unaware of the law, causing problems for landlords and tenants alike.

This course will provide those who advise residential letting agents or landlords with practical insight into the challenges these clients face and how to identify the relevant law. It will examine the changing legislation landscape and arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid the common pitfalls.

This course will cover the following important subjects with a chance for questions and discussion:

  • The evolving legislation, including recent statutes and legislation
  • The principles of quiet enjoyment
  • Joint and several liability
  • Section 13 notices
  • Extensions, renewals and terminations
  • Problem tenancies; the use of Section 8 notices
  • Discrimination
  • Deeds/three-year tenancies or longer

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