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Course Project Management for Transactional Lawyers


Running a transaction requires operational efficiency based on first class organisational skills. Clients appreciate a lawyer who runs their matter smoothly and effectively. Quality project management ensures that you achieve the right outcome for your client with maximum efficacy. This course will demonstrate the benefits of running a project successfully. It will enable delegates to acquire tips, techniques and tools for use in seeing a matter through with procedural smoothness from instructions to final bill.

Participants will use a current matter of their own (no files needed) as an action learning case study throughout the course

The course will cover:

  • The nature of a project – understanding that a client matter is a project
  • Benefits of project management – processes and procedures as structural tools; use of IT
  • The stages and phases of a project – taking a helicopter view of the matter
  • Client instructions and scoping – agreeing project objectives – Chapter 1 and the engagement letter
  • Setting parameters – balancing quality, quantity, time and cost
  • Planning the project
    • work breakdown and task analysis
    • resource allocation, especially the make-up of the fee-earning team
    • setting timelines
    • using GANTT charts to control task activity and work flow

  • Monitoring the process – creating milestones, developing a progress review system and dealing with slippage
  • Stakeholder management – identifying and communicating appropriately with clients and all others involved in the matter
  • Risk assessment and safety nets – ensuring a watertight risk management plan with fallback responsibilities allocated accordingly
  • Final review and signing off – double checking everything
  • Feedback session – what have we learnt from this project?

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