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Course Presentation Skills for Lawyers


Presentation skills need to be a fundamental part of every lawyer’s skills repertoire.

This course has been designed for lawyers and other law firm professionals with no or very little experience of delivering presentations. It will be ideal for individuals who want to bolster their confidence and professional profile and standing. It will also be ideal for delegates identified by their employers as being ones they want to give a higher profile to, whether within the law firm or externally to their market and potential new market sectors.

This course will cover the following key presentation skills

  • Understanding what makes a presentation work well - and what to avoid

  • Content creation - writing a great presentation

    • What does this audience really need?

    • What do I need to get across?

    • What do I need to leave out?

  • Designing visuals to help you to communicate

  • How to speak in public using

    • Voice

    • Stance

    • Humour

    • Gestures

    • The use of notes

  • Managing nerves
  • Learning to love questions from the audience

Being able to write brilliant content tailored to meet the needs of any specific audience and then deliver it in ways that are engaging, memorable and compelling, delivers the following benefits;

Audience Benefits

  • Audience feels engaged, entertained even
  • Audience learns valuable information relevant to them, not just a law firm sales pitch

  • Audience satisfaction increases massively - their investment of time has been honoured and rewarded

Speaker Benefits

  • Developing presentation skills helps with assertiveness and confidence

  • Personal status and poise increases

  • Creates new opportunities for individual client generation

  • Become expert in a field and demonstrate expertise, trust and value

  • Become the “Go to” person in their selected field

Law Firm Benefits

  • Massively increase profile of firm and the increasingly competent, confident and influential people they employ

  • Development of individuals that you can now place in front of client sector events with confidence that they will perform brilliantly

  • Internal meetings transformed from mundane reporting to highly effective information transfer and communication events assisting internal communications

  • New opportunities to raise firm profile and convert presentations into new clients

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Neil Denny is just very good at presenting. Good, solid theory backed by tangible, practical examples.

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