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Course Pensions on Divorce


The treatment of pensions on divorce is a complicated topic and one that many practitioners find challenging. In many cases a pension is one of the most significant financial assets to be dealt with on divorce and failure to deal properly with pensions can cause serious problems. This course will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of pensions and how they can (and should) be treated in divorce proceedings.

Pensions law has gone through many changes over the past 20 years and therefore this course is not just suited for those who are newly qualified but also for experienced practitioners who need to understand what options are available in relation to pensions. This is especially important since pension flexibility was introduced in 2015 and the steady rise of individuals accessing their pensions to fund divorce.

On this full-day course you will learn:

Introduction to Pensions 

  • Why a pension scheme?
  • Features of different types of pension arrangement
  • Private Sector Defined Benefit
  • Public Sector Defined Benefit
  • Defined Contribution
  • State Pension Scheme

What is Pension Flexibility and the effect on divorce?

  • Annual allowance
  • Lifetime allowance
  • Pitfalls of accessing a pension to fund divorce
  • Death benefits

First steps in approaching the pensions issue

Valuation of Pension Rights

  • Cash Equivalents – what are these and are they correct to use for divorce?
  • Alternative Valuations – when an alternative valuation to a Cash Equivalent may be appropriate
  • Interpreting pension information

Methods of Settlement 

  • General features of the three methods of settlement: Offsetting, Pension Sharing Order and Attachment Order 8 apportionment for period of marriage
  • Utility

Consulting an Expert 

  • When to consult an expert
  • Instructing an expert

The pension sharing process 

  • Pitfalls to avoid

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6 hours


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Helen HowcroftDetails


Probably the most helpful and enlightening course on pensions I have ever attended. Excellent value for money and thorough, detailed notes. Thank you.

Maria James- Thomas Dunton

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