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Course Managing Environmental Liabilities


This course is designed for real estate and corporate lawyers who need a basic understanding of the subject in order to manage environmental issues in transactions and ensure that they do not unwittingly saddle their clients with unexpected liabilities. The course will also be valuable for junior environmental lawyers who need a good overview and for those who just need a refresher and update.

It will enable you to check the problem areas that may arise in practice and to know when you need to consult your specialist environmental lawyer or your firm's money laundering officer when criminal offences are discovered through due diligence. It will also provide practical guidance on dealing with an environmental issue such as a spill, including the process of dealing with the Environment Agency.

This one day course will cover the following topics:

  • A practical review of common law liabilities, with case studies
  • Pollution controls
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Different permitting regimes
  • Controls over harmful substances – financial risks; changes to banned substances
  • Waste in manufacturing or development sites; what is or isn’t waste?
  • Contaminated land
  • A concise review of contractual provisions
  • Considerations in property/asset and share sales
  • Money laundering requirements

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