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Course Interviewing Witnesses: How to Unlock Their Memories


The SRA Competence Statement makes it clear that solicitors must be capable of “obtaining relevant information through effective use of questioning and active listening”. This is sometimes easier said than done when the events in question took place several years before.

This course teaches you how to use techniques based on cognitive interviewing that really work in getting information out of witnesses.

It uses a series of memory retrieval techniques to increase the amount of information that can be obtained from a witness or client.

Cognitive interviewing is successfully used in some of the largest UK law firms and will increase the completeness and accuracy of what your witnesses can remember, helping them to remember clearly things that happened many months, or even many years ago. It will also enable you to:

• Assess litigation risks and make decisions about a case

• Prepare cases and take statements based on the full facts

• Obtain up to 40% more relevant information

• Obtain uncontaminated evidence from witnesses

• Obtain more facts and details from witnesses first time, reducing the need for costly re-interviews

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Dave BarneyDetails


This was a very insightful course and was presented very enjoyably. Every lawyer interviewing witnesses should do a course like this.

Justine Oliver-Ward - Regulatory Legal Solicitors



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