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Course Intellectual Property: Licensing and Exploiting IP


This course provides an introduction to the principles of optimising the commercial impact of Intellectual Property (IP). Key topics discussed will include: copyright, design rights, database rights and trade marks. It offers practical training, giving participants the tools they need to understand the issues, benefits and costs associated with generating income from IP. The course is aimed at practitioners who already have a basic understanding of IP and want to further develop their knowledge by offering practical training to start building effective rights exploitation and management tool kits.

Topics include: the nature of IP; costs and benefits considerations; the opportunities of blended business models which combine charging for content whilst also making some content available for free; using licences to exploit IP; case studies and next steps for delegates.

The course will cover:

  • The key characteristics of different types of IP within the context of exploitation
  • How rights might be exploited, managed and protected
  • The role of good rights management
  • The importance and procedures for achieving best copyright practice
  • The legal requirements of various relevant types of IP and the use of documentation to achieve them
  • Shortfalls in your own policies regarding IP and methods of improving them
  • The next steps: Practical steps to review and effectively exploit your organisation’s IP

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6 hours


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Naomi KornDetails


Excellent course, great content and engaging trainer. Naomi was excellent and very knowledgeable.

Sabby Kaur - Emerald Publishing



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