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Course Family Cases: Preparation and Advocacy in Front of the District Judge


Good advocacy can make or break a case; prepare and present your cases more effectively to the District Judge for the results your client wants.

Advocacy is not just limited to addressing the court orally – written advocacy can often be just as persuasive and will often get that valuable ‘foot in the door.’ This practical course will teach you the key elements in preparing family cases for successful hearings before the District Judge. You will explore what the District Judge is looking for in the preparation of a case, both in the paperwork and in court.

It is designed to equip you with valuable skills which will give you the confidence to present your client’s case to the court with authority and skill. It is a practical course where delegate participation is encouraged and will offer an opportunity to hone your skills to present your client’s case effectively.

This course is suitable for all family lawyers and paralegals preparing or presenting cases for court.

The course will cover top tips in how best to present your client’s case in:

  • Preparing paper applications that appear in box work and avoiding common mistakes
  • What makes a good statement?
  • Schedules: what are they, when should they be used and how are they prepared?
  • Preparing a Skeleton Argument and addressing the Court on it
  • Settling the Order after the hearing: who does it and how is it done?
  • Dealing with litigants in person
  • Court etiquette: do I stand or sit? How do I address the Court?
  • Advocacy – good practice points and things to avoid
  • The best way to prepare and conduct FDA/FDR hearings
  • Preparation and conduct of final hearings


If you have a specialist practice in children law, you may also be interested in attending Children Law Cases: Law, Procedure and Advocacy which takes place at the same venue in the afternoon and will build on this course to provide an understanding of the law, advocacy and procedure specific to children’s hearings.

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