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Course Employment Status: Employee, Worker or Self-Employed


The question of employment status determines whether the individual is entitled to the various employment rights. There have been a number of important developments on this subject in the recent past. This course examines the legislative provisions, the various appellate cases, and the practical implications. It is of relevance to all those who advise employers and employees as to their rights and obligations.

It deals with:

  • The criteria which have been developed by the appellate courts to determine whether an individual is an employee
  • The definition that applies to ‘worker’ status, and the way in which the courts have interpreted it
  • What role does the written contract play in determining employment status (Autoclenz v Belcher)?
  • What status is required to confer protection from discrimination?
  • What is the position of agency workers, interns, volunteers or individuals on zero hours contracts?
  • The right of substitution and the criterion that service must be personal (Pimlico Plumbers v Smith)
  • The relationship between employment status and tax liability
  • The proposals in the Taylor Review and their likely impact

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