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Course Emergency Remedies: ICOs, EPOs and PPOs


The need to safeguard children from significant harm often arises at the most inconvenient time; either the Court has limited time to deal with a case or there is no Court sitting. So, what happens?

There are options: Police can exercise their powers of protection or the Court can make an order. These options carry a heavy responsibility and the use of these powers demands careful consideration.

Dealing with the use of Police Powers of Protection, EPOs and ICOs requires knowledge to be at your fingertips and this course will equip you with a good understanding of the powers available and the circumstances in which they can be used. It will guide you on how to challenge inappropriate use of these protective steps, including claims under the Human Rights Act, appeals and other remedies available when things go wrong.

It explores the various ways in which a child can be protected by the state in emergency circumstances and provides a toolkit designed to enable effective representation of vulnerable clients.

You will leave this course with a good understanding of:

  • The circumstances when emergency remedies are needed to safeguard children
  • What are Police Powers of Protection?

    • When should they be used?
    • What are the limits on these powers?
    • Are they actually an order?
    • What happens if they are used incorrectly?
    • Relevant case law

  • What is an Emergency Protection Order?

    • When should such an order be made and are there any limitations on the order?
    • Relevant case law

  • What is an Interim Care Order?

    • When should such an order be made?
    • What comes with an Interim Care Order: what obligations does it place on the applicant?
    • Relevant case law

  • What about section 20 Children Act 1989? A consideration of the case law around the use of voluntary accommodation
  • Police Powers of Protection vs. Emergency Protection Order vs. Interim Care Order – a comparison
  • How to challenge inappropriate use of emergency orders, including associated Human Rights Act claims.

    • How do these impact on the publicly-funded client?

A practical course with notes designed to act as an ongoing aide-memoire, this course is a must for all involved in this area of law.

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