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Course Drafting Commercial Lasting Powers of Attorney


Company and Private Client Lawyers take heed! Legislative changes concerning company directors say if they lack mental capacity they may not necessarily now be removed. This creates a quandary for a company, particularly their attitude to risk. Doing nothing could endanger the company; creating a Commercial LPA reduces the risk. Commercial LPAs can be used to manage decisions where a director is unavailable or away on business, or just like an ordinary LPA where they become incapacitated for longer periods of time or lack mental capacity.

This course will take solicitors through relevant company law, identifying business structures and drafting Commercial LPAs, and showing how different areas of law impact and how best to advise a company on making a Commercial LPA.

Topics covered:

• Personal and Commercial LPA clashes

• Directors: problems and removals

• Taking instructions

• Checking and adjusting business structures

• Applying current case law

• Drafting a Commercial LPA

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3 hours


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Craig Ward Baron of LundieDetails


It's opened my eyes to how important a business LPA is.

Alison Jeffels - Pinkney Grunwells Lawyers LLP



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