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Course Drafting Commercial Contracts (6 Hours)


A course aimed at all commercial lawyers, which refreshes and updates the key points of contract law in a practical context. What does the client want? What will the other side accept? Will the court support all the contractual terms? In the course of reviewing relevant recent case law, delegates will consider the following key questions using practical examples:

  • What do the words say? – Interpreting the contract
  • When is the contract made? – Formation and letters of intent
  • When can you imply terms into a contract?
  • What sort of “endeavours”? – “Best”, “all reasonable” and “reasonable” compared
  • Is a warranty a representation? – Consequences for the draftsman
  • Warranty or indemnity? – The difference between the two
  • What liabilities can you limit or exclude?
  • What are consequential losses? The lawyer’s definition v the client’s version
  • Penalty, ref(?) – The Supreme Court’s findings on penalty clauses
  • What is force majeure? – How to legislate for the unforeseeable
  • What does an entire agreement clause achieve (and what doesn’t it do)?
  • What difference does Brexit make? Key points to consider and watch for

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6 hours


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Keith LewingtonDetails


Engaging and informative. A very good day!

Marc Anderson - Royal London




Thu 16 May 2019 Book

09:30 | London
Keith Lewington

Thu 01 Aug 2019 Book

09:30 | London
Keith Lewington

Thu 05 Dec 2019 Book

09:30 | London
Keith Lewington

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