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Course Copyright Law: Infringement and Other Tricky Issues


This course can either build upon Copyright Law: An Introduction or stand alone for those wanting to build upon their existing knowledge. The course will examine in more depth the role of copyright and contract literacy. It is delivered by Naomi Korn, a copyright and compliance specialist and regular trainer on the subject.

It will be valuable for solicitors working in-house or private practice whose work touches on content of any kind, who advise organisations and individuals on copyright-related issues and who want to tackle the tricky issues around copyright law. The course will use group work, interactive learning techniques and discussions to present and delve into the issues.

Attending the course will give you an understanding of:

• Copyright within the context of social media use
• Orphan works and risk management
• How to develop an organisational framework to reduce risks of copyright infringement and create more efficient working practices
• What to do if rights are inadvertently infringed

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