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Course Children Law: Dealing with Common Complications


This course is designed for all children lawyers, regardless of experience, and will explore some of the more complicated issues that can be thrown up in children law cases, both private law and public law. There isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to families and, recognising this, this course will guide you on how to navigate the difficult issues that practitioners can face whilst ensuring that your clients are represented with understanding, knowledge and confidence.

This course covers the issues that arise most often and equips you with the knowledge needed to ensure that you able to effectively represent vulnerable and emotional clients.

It is unique in its approach as it covers both public and private children law. It not only looks at what problems can crop up, but also offers guidance on solutions to these problems.

What you will learn:

Private Children Law:

  • Role of a Children’s Guardian – rule 16.4 of the FPR 2010 – when is appointment of a guardian appropriate? What does the guardian do?
  • Implacable Hostility – what is it? How is it addressed? What are the Court’s powers in these cases?
  • Section 37 of the Children Act 1989 – when is a report necessary? What are the Court’s powers?

Public Children Law:

  • Parallel planning for Local Authorities – why is it required and how do you explain it to a parent?
  • Designation of local authority



  • Instructing of experts in proceedings – an exploration of Part 25 of the FPR 2010 and section 13 of the Children & Families Act 2014
  • The practicalities of instructing an expert – what documents do I prepare? How is the Expert paid?
  • When can information be shared and to whom? When is the Court’s permission required and how do you go about getting permission?
  • Finding of Fact Hearings – when are they necessary? Are separate hearings required? Who is involved – the role of an Intervenor?
  • A party who may lack capacity to conduct litigation. What do you do legally and practically?

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