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Course Children Law Cases: Law, Procedure and Advocacy


This course complements the morning course on Family Cases: Preparation and Advocacy in Front of the District Judge and builds on a general understanding of advocacy in family cases to provide a practical grounding in the law, advocacy and procedure specific to children’s hearings.

In the children law arena, there are many different types of hearings that can take place, whether they be within the public law arena or within the private law arena. Law and procedure are important aspects of hearings but effective advocacy can make all the difference.

This course focuses upon the various types of hearings in this area, what may happen in the hearings and how each hearing should be approached. It also explores the practicalities of what happens after.

It takes you through the proper preparation of case summaries, position statements and skeleton arguments to deliver the desired result, and will equip you with the guidance and skills needed to navigate your way through the various hearings and present your client’s case effectively and persuasively, even with little notice.

Presenting a case in court can be pressured and frightening but this course will show that it needn’t be. After attending, you will have confidence to react and present your client’s case in the most effective way possible, irrespective of the amount of notice you receive.

What you will learn:

  • The various hearings under the Child Arrangements Programme and consideration of Practice Direction 12B of the Family Procedure Rules 2010
  • The various hearings under the umbrella of public children law proceedings
  • The roles of each party at these various hearings
  • Without notice/emergency hearings – preparation and advocacy
  • Contested hearings: rules of evidence, examination-in-chief, cross-examination, re-examination and submissions
  • Who drafts the court order and what goes in it?

If you’re looking to strengthen your advocacy in family cases, you may also be interested in attending: which takes place at the same venue in the morning.

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