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Course Certificate in Will Drafting


Area B of the SRA’s new competence statement states that practitioners should be able to 'obtain relevant facts', 'develop and advise on the relevant options' and 'draft documents which are legally effective and accurately reflect the client’s instructions'.

With this in mind, this course is designed for those with little or no experience in will drafting to ensure that they can comply with area B in the context of will preparation. By the end of the course the delegate will feel confident in drafting not only simple, but also more complex wills and their ensuing due execution.

In particular it will deal with:

  • Capacity and intention to make a will and how to resolve problems
  • Appointment of executors
  • Appointment of guardians
  • Types of legacy and problems in drafting including: lapse, ademption and abatement
  • Particular assets including - Business assets - Advantages, problems and pitfalls, the matrimonial home - How to protect the surviving spouse’s rights of occupation
  • Drafting residuary gifts: how to avoid a partial intestacy
  • Trusts: types, uses and taxation
  • Trustees’ powers in the light of the Trustee Act 2000: are express powers still necessary?
  • Formalities and solicitor’s duty in relation to execution
  • Tax efficient will drafting
  • Some common howlers

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5 hours


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Rebecca (Becky) SharpDetails


An excellent introduction to will drafting.

John Luckhurst - Michael Demidecki Solicitor



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