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Course Certificate in Costs Law


This practical course is presented by an experienced costs lawyer and lecturer and will provide junior lawyers with a basic knowledge of costs law. It will explain the fundamentals and consolidate knowledge in key areas with some worked examples, giving you the competence and confidence to advise clients and undertake basic applications.

The course will consider:

1. What are legal costs?

2. What is the indemnity principle?

3. How are legal costs assessed? Standard Basis v Indemnity Basis

4. What is summary assessment (with practical exercise)?

5. What is detailed assessment?

6. What is provisional assessment?

7. What is costs management (with practical exercise)? How does it interact with detailed assessment?

8. The new era of ‘phased’ time recoding and the ‘J-Codes’

9. Hourly rates – what are the SCCO guideline hourly rates? How do I achieve more than the Guideline Rates?

10. Funding – what are the ways in which to fund litigation?

11. What is proportionality? – Why is it so important?

12. Solicitor/own client costs

13. A look at some key costs law decisions

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6 hours


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Andrew McAulayDetails


Excellent course and excellent presentation by Andrew McAulay.

Nicholas Dent - The Endeavour partnership



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