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Course Blockchain in the Digital Economy: The Lawyer's Essential Guide


A Chinese supermarket wants to use Blockchain to track the delivery of beef from a farm in Australia to the dining table of their customer in China. How do they expect to do that?

The financial services industry is at boiling point with CEOs strongly advising against involvement in Bitcoin, whilst at the same time pouring billions of dollars into Fintech based on the same principles. Why is that?

Will conveyancing disappear from the business plans of English and Welsh solicitors once HM Land Registry has introduced the Blockchain-based solution, Digital Street?

The course deals with the following:

  • How do Smart Contracts work?
  • The difference between Private and Public, Permissioned and Un-permissioned Blockchains
  • The multiple strands of processes in banking which will be replaced by Blockchain
  • Lessons from the Ethereum DAO attack and how a hard fork can be a relief and a burden
  • Risk management and security in a Blockchain ecosystem
  • Double-spending in a PoW world among anonymous infrastructure nodes
  • Quantum computing and implications for cryptography-based solutions
  • Scope for UK Business Process Outsourcing service providers
  • Regulatory outlook for Blockchain-based business processes

This programme can stand on its own for the Bitcoin and Blockchain informed practitioner, or performs well as a continuation of Blockchain: An Introduction for Lawyers that runs on the same day.

This is an essential overview for all those joining a corporate department in a City law firm and for in-house counsel who have not had any previous exposure to this arena or would benefit from a refresher.

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Christian ThornaesDetails


An excellent introduction to the topic

Lesley Malpas - HM Land reg



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