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Course Blockchain: An Introduction for Lawyers


Bitcoin and other Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies exploded in 2017, with a seemingly irrefutable promise of making instant billionaires of anyone getting involved. Then came the crash of 2018, but not only are the main players still going strong, there are now around 1,600 individual crypto-currencies vying for consumer attention. This course will make sense of the specialised terminology around this phenomenon and provide a springboard to the follow-on course on the wider importance of the underlying technology: Blockchain.

The course deals with the following:

  • How safe is the encryption technology used?
  • What are the risks of disclosure with public ledger?
  • How does the Blockchain/Legacy currency interface work? What are the legal risks?
  • How easy is it to track a Blockchain account?
  • Cryptographic hashing and keeping secrets on a public ledger
  • Bitcoin awards to keep the network infrastructure alive
  • What are Smart Contracts?
  • Different types of Blockchains and what they mean
  • What are the similarities between an ICO and an IPO?

This is an essential overview for all those joining a corporate department in a City law firm and for in-house counsel who have not had any previous exposure to this arena or would benefit from a refresher.

You may also be interested in attending Blockchain in the Digital Economy: The Lawyer's Essential Guide which takes place on the same day.

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