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Course Anti-Bribery Strategies for Business: Applying the Law in Real Life Situations


As an alternative to focusing on the detail of the Act, this half-day course applies the law to real life examples and scenarios, allowing delegates to learn in an experiential manner and so better retain the information they glean from the day. Drawing on the trainer’s nearly 30 years’ experience in law enforcement (Serious Fraud Office) and compliance practice, this course will give delegates the advantage of learning from real, and sometimes troubling, commercial scenarios. In this way, delegates will be more effective when applying the lessons learnt to their organisation, allowing them to persuade, teach and relay a proportionate anti-bribery message across their organisation, relative to their organisation’s risk profile.

This course will be useful for solicitors working in-house and solicitors working in private practice with ABC practice. It will also be of interest to chief compliance officers, senior managers, business leaders and sales directors.

What you will learn:

  • Why you should concern yourself with Anti-Bribery Compliance – the questions you need to ask and to answer
  • What a bribe looks like – from gifts and hospitality to ‘marketing budgets’
  • How to deal with third parties – from due diligence to day-to-day engagement with consultants, joint venture partners, consortium partners and agents
  • Dealing with multi-cultural approaches to Anti-Bribery Compliance
  • Essential elements of the Bribery Act and how they apply to your business i.e. s7 ‘failure to prevent’ offence and s14 ‘consent or connivance’
  • Infringement penalties for individuals and companies
  • What prosecution agencies look for in terms of remediation and the mark of a good compliance programme
  • Recent enforcement cases and trends

    • DPAs in action – lessons from Rolls Royce and Tesco
    • Extra territorial enforcement of s2 notices – Unaoil
    • Impact of SFO v ENRC and its effect on privileged status of lawyers’ work product

  • The true cost of getting it wrong – a view from inside a company under investigation

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