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Course 10 Tricky Points in Insurance Law


This course reviews the more difficult issues commonly encountered in insurance law, including what entitles insurers to avoid insurance, the construction of key terms and the effect of their breach. It will also explain the changes introduced by the Insurance Act 2015.

  1. When are insurers entitled to avoid insurance for material misrepresentation and non-disclosure?
  2. Commercial insured’s duty to make a fair presentation and insurer’s remedies for breach.
  3. Consumer’s duty to use reasonable care not to make a misrepresentation and insurer’s remedies for breach
  4. Construing warranties and the effect of breach
  5. Construing conditions precedent and the effect of non-compliance
  6. When can insurers be said to have waived their rights?
  7. When can insurers be estopped from relying on their strict rights?
  8. Differences between insuring on joint and composite basis
  9. Differences between insuring on a claims made and losses occurring basis
  10. Raising fraud in insurance claims

This course will include a practical case study which will involve some of the issues considered above.

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Alison GreenDetails


Excellent course.

Martin Wilks - First Title




Wed 16 Oct 2019 Book

09:30 | London
Alison Green

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