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Webinar Wellbeing: Practical tips to minimise stress and improve your effectiveness - Free live webinar


Lawyers work in a high-pressure environment and the world we live in today subjects us all to increased levels of stress.  Evidence-based wellbeing practices can alleviate this and many of these have the added benefit of improving your effectiveness as a lawyer. 


May 13th to 17th is Mental Health Awareness week - an ideal time to kick-start new habits to help improve your effectiveness. 


This free webinar will share three easy ideas which you can implement immediately in just a few minutes a day.


In this short webinar you will learn:

  • How to make small adjustments to your posture to enhance both your wellbeing and the impact you make on others.
  • A simple breathing technique to reduce stress, which also helps with the speed and quality of your decision-making.
  • How to start a ‘gratitude practice’ - this can improve your outlook and your sleep, enabling you to be more effective and convey a positive, professional attitude. 
  • Q & A with expert who coaches lawyers on mental health and wellbeing to improve performance

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